Participants and titles of the talks

Symposium Plenary Speakers

  • R. Blatt (U Innsbruck):
    "The Quantum Way of Doing Computations"
  • H.P. Breuer (U Freiburg):
    "Quantum Dynamics of Open Systems: Non-Markovianity..."
  • J. Eisert (FU Berlin):
    "Fast and Slow Quenches: Many-Body Systems out of Equilibrium"
  • S.J. Glaser (TU München):
    "Control of Nuclear Spins and beyond"
  • P. Grangier (CNRS Paris):
  • M. Mariantoni (IQC Waterloo):
  • C. Muschik (ICFO Barcelona):
    "Harnessing Vacuum Forces for Quantum Sensing of Graphene Motion"
  • S. Nauerth (LMU München, QCCC):
    "Air to Ground Quantum Cryptography" (pdf)
  • G. Rempe (MPQ Garching):
    "Quantum Coherent Networks"
  • V. Scholz (ETH Zurich):
    "Entropy of Quantum Systems with Infinitely Many Degrees of Freedom and Their Applications"
  • N. Schuch (RWTH Aachen):
    "Boundaries of Strongly Correlated Systems"
  • C. Schwemmer (LMU München, QCCC):
    "Systematic Errors in Current Quantum-State Tomography Tools"
  • O. Szehr (TU München, QCCC):
    "Markov-Chains and Pick-Interpolation in Hilbert Function Spaces"
  • T. Wahl (MPQ Garching, QCCC):
    "Projected Entangled-Pair States (PEPS) can Describe Chiral Topological States"
  • A. Wallraff (ETH Zurich):
    "Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Feed-Forward..."
  • W. Wieczorek (U Wien):
    "How to Reconstruct the State of an Opto-Mechanical System"
  • M.M. Wolf (TU München):
    "QCCC in the Mathematics Camp"

Workshop Plenary Speakers

  • M.C. Bañuls (MPQ):
    "Tensor Network States for the Numerical Simulation of Quantum Many Body Systems "
  • T. Barthel (CNRS Paris):
  • J. Bermejo (U Innsbruck):
    "Uses and limitations of Fourier transforms in quantum computing "
  • L. Grasedyck (RWTH Aachen):
    "Hierarchical Tensor Approximation "
  • F. Jelezko / B. Naydenov (Uni Ulm) :
    "Quantum Control of Single Spins in Diamond "
  • M.J. Kastoryano (FU Berlin) :
    "Mixing vs Clustering in Open Quantum Systems "
  • C. Kraus(U Innsbruck) :
    "Exploring Majorana Physics with AMO Tools "
  • F. Pastawski (Caltech USA) :
    "Dissipative Encoding and State Preparation for Topological Order: Upper and Lower Bounds "
  • F. Ticozzi (U Padova):
    "Robust Engineering of Correlations and Symmetries on Quantum Networks"
  • K. Waldherr (TUM, QCCC):
    "Numerical (Multi-)Linear Algebra in Quantum Tensor Networks "

Further Participants

  • G. Dirr (U Würzburg)
  • G. Giedke (MPQ)
  • M. Keyl (TUM)
  • D. Lercher (TUM, QCCC)
  • C. O'Meara (TUM, QCCC)
  • A. Müller-Hermes (TUM)
  • D. Reeb (TUM)
  • T. Schulte-Herbrüggen (TU München)