Administrative Matters

The net salary for accepted PhD students (appr 970 - 1050 EUR) will cover all living expenses in the Munich area.

There are no tuition fees. The only fee required is a registration fee at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich or the Technical University Munich that amounts to around 100 EUR per year.

Rent for an apartment or a flat for a single person is approx. 300-400 EUR per month. QCCC will try and provide assistance in finding suitable lodging.

Health Insurance
Every student needs German health insurance (obligatory!). Special insurance contracts for students below 30 years of age will cost around 50 EUR per month.

Resident Permits / Visa
To stay in Germany every foreign student needs a residence permit (for details see German Academic Exchange Service or Guide for Marie Curie Research Fellows). This is not a requirement for candidates of member states of the European Union. QCCC will provide administrative support in visa formalities to students from non-EU countries:

These offices of International Affairs provide some general information and advice to foreign students about studying and life in Munich. Moreover, the offices organize a number of social activities for international students.