Motivation and Programme

The international and interdisciplinary doctorate programme is part of the Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB) and addresses physicists, physical chemists, as well as students in computer science and mathematics.

We are currently in the midst of a second quantum revolution: the first one gave us the new rules that govern physical reality. The second one will take these rules and use them to develop new technologies.
Dowling & Milburn, Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. London A 361 (2003), 1655.

Exploiting quantum effects in nanotechnology requires specific methods. These include the corner stones of our programme

A close interplay between theory and experiment is triggered by a specially tailored ENB curriculum with joint PhD projects under joint supervision by the responsible main supervisor, a supervisor from a second group in Munich as well as an associated partner abroad. An individual thesis advisory board is assigned at the beginning of each project and guarantees excellent personal tuition.

Typically, a PhD project runs over 3 years. The programme will be held in Munich with intensive exchange within existing national, European (currently 8 EU programmes with some 60 partner groups all over the world), and international research networks and an integrated 3 months' stay in a partner group abroad.

The excellence programme is enriched by ENB guest professors and special workshops with further invited participants, e.g. from industry. Moreover, ENB students are encouraged to improve their presentation and management skills in dedicated courses.

We aim at attracting highly gifted students willing to excel within an interdisciplinary scientific elite programme in the hot topic of quantum- and nanotechnology with projects ranging from basic research to product development.